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Please email us at admin@goingglobal.pro.



My activation email never arrived in my inbox.

Please check you spam and or junk folder. If you can’t find it please email admin@goingglobal.pro for further help.

My video seems to stop and start.

Video files can take quite a bit of bandwidth. Check to see if any other computers are running on the Internet and using a lot of bandwidth (for example by downloading large files).

How do I download the resources? They keep opening in new windows.

Depending on the software you have installed on your computer, your web browser may open PDF, MS Word and other documents in a new window instead of downloading them.  If your browser is opening the documents in a new window please try right clicking on the document link and selecting “Save target as…” on a PC or “Save Link As…” on a Mac.

How do I change the email associated with my account?

You can edit all your contact information including your email, by selecting “My Profile” in the menu at the very top of the page.

How do I minimize a video that I have opened full screen.

You have two options to minimize a video that is full screen.  The first option is to press the Esc Key and the second option is to press the button on the video player that has four arrows pointing inwards.Minimize

I’m concerned about my bandwidth use. How big are the video files?

Watching our videos is comparable to watching YouTube videos. On average our videos are about 45MB for one standard video and 75MB if you choose to watch it in HD Video.

I asked a question on “Ask the Expert” but it has not been posted yet. How long should I expect to wait?

First off, thank you for contributing to the discussion. For each question we get we contact our experts in the field and then use their information for our reply. This can take a bit of time because these are real people. If you feel it has been longer then you would expect, please drop us a note at admin@goingglobal.pro and we'll get back to you with an update on your question’s status.

How do I get from the Preparatory Module to the Main Course module of a given topic?

Once you have completed one of the preparatory modules for a course, you may enroll and start the main course in two ways. The first way to enroll in the main course is to click on the “Enroll In Full Course” button on the left side of the preparatory module screen. The second way is to return to your “My Learning Dashboard” and click on the “Enroll In Full Course” Button that should now be displayed in the column for that course. Please remember that if this is the first time you are enrolling in a full course you will be asked to complete your full profile. Once your full profile is complete you will then be able to enroll in your chosen course.

How do you know that I've completed a particular course? Are you keeping a record of my progress? Is that being shared with anybody? Is it public?

Our secure system follows your progress through the course by tracking which quizzes you have completed. A course is marked as completed when you have completed all the quizzes, one for each chapter including the final chapter. We do not share this information with anyone. Your course progress will never be made public.

I got one answer wrong on a quiz, and now it's telling me to watch the module again. Do I have to watch the entire module, or just the chapter where I had a wrong answer?

If you do not pass a chapter quiz you don't have to watch the full module or chapter again. You can retake the quiz right away. However, you might consider reviewing the point in the presentation that deals with any questions you got wrong in the quiz.